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By Tim Lockhart

Tim is a 6th generation Texan, grew up in Arlington TX, and after having served 20 years as an Air Force Civil Engineering officer and managing over $1 Billion in facility construction and renovation projects, he retired in 2013. The experience, work ethic and leadership gained in the Air Force propelled him in only 4 years to build a real estate business ranking in the top 5% of agents worldwide in Keller Williams Realty the #1 Real Estate Company in the World. Tim is a Certified Military Relocation Specialist providing the highest level of service to his clients.

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Conventional wisdom says spring is the best time of year to sell your home. While spring is definitely the busiest time of year to buy or sell a house, that doesn’t mean you can’t sell in winter! Even if it’s freezing and snowing, you can still get a great deal for your house; you just need to put in a little work. Here are my best tips to help you get your home market-ready for the winter months:

1. Create a warm and inviting atmosphere. The cold and snowy weather can be a bit of a downer, but it gives your home a chance to show off! Consider lighting subtle candles to give your home a nice smell and add some extra light. You may want to play some calming music as well. Finally, make sure you keep the heat up to a comfortable temperature for your buyers so they feel cozy as they view your home.

“There are many advantages to selling in the winter.”

2. Get your curb appeal ready for winter. First impressions matter in real estate, which is why how your home looks from the outside is so important. The winter months provide unique challenges for this situation, like snow. Make sure your driveway is cleared off, and buyers have a clear path to your front door. Also, consider some subtle winter decorations to liven things up; just make sure you don’t go too far! 

3. Let in as much light as possible. Winter isn’t exactly known for its abundance of natural light, which is why loads of it will make your home really stand out. Open all the windows you can, turn on the lights in places you can’t, and consider using candles to brighten your property up. 

It’s possible to get a great deal for your home any time of the year—as long as you know what to do. If you have questions about this topic or anything else, please call or email me. I am always willing to help!